Friday, April 3, 2020

New Jersey and Federal Legislature

Is your class learning about the New Jersey or federal legislative branches? Check out these free Google Docs! The legislators are accurate for NJ as of April 2020.

Click here to download. Just click "File" ---> "Make a Copy" and then edit the document as needed. 

If you're doing remote learning like my class, consider removing the answer key before sharing! I have given differentiated options in the directions for you to print and have students write the answers in the chart, print and have the kids cut and paste their answers into the chart, or for students to copy and paste the words from the word box into the chart.

Click here to download. Just click "File" ---> "Make a Copy" 

Click here to download. Just click "File" ---> "Make a Copy" 

Here is a fun video field trip to the NJ State House. It's very similar to the tour given on field trips.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

St. Patrick's Day fun activities

Here are some things we've been doing this March to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Click the links or images to go to my TPT store.

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Opinion Writing

Check out my old post for some more fun St. Patrick's Day ideas!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Growth Mindset

Early on in the school year, we learn about Growth Mindset. It's based on a concept / book by Carol Dweck, and it has been adapted to apply to classrooms. Students are taught that effort and hard work are more important than thinking some people are naturally born "smart". The focus is on the journey of learning and growth vs the end product and a number grade.

Click on the image or grab this freebie over in my TPT store! Please leave a rating. :)

We read My Fantastic Elastic Brain as well as some of the following books, some of which were part of a funded Donors Choose project on Social Stories:
Bitmoji Image


There are so many cool resources out there on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Click here to find other Class Dojo videos on Growth Mindset!

What challenges or successes have you had with your students?
Can you recommend any other resources?


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