Wednesday, August 11, 2021

A Little Spot

 My kids and I have been spending a lot of time at one of our favorite places, the library. My son became very interested in the colorful cover of Diane Alber's A Little Scribble Spot after seeing it prominently displayed on the new book shelf. The next day we grabbed the rest of the first set and he insisted on having them in his room so he could sleep next to them!

As a teacher with a bachelor's degree in psychology, I've always found it very important to work on social and emotional development in schools. The current generation of school age kids has been through a lot with the coronavirus pandemic and they are growing up with the pressures of social media and challenges of technology use. We couldn't be happier with the series, which has helped him talk about his emotions and how to work through them. Once you read one, you'll want to read others. There are 3 box sets of 21 books and then some single books that can be bought on her website or on Amazon.

Diane created this memorable rhyme to help children with anxiety, and my son has responded well to it. It's a little wordy for a 3 year old to remember, but he can finish the end of the line and follow along with the actions described in A Little Spot of Anxiety

From the tip of my finger to the middle of my palm,
I can do this! I can be calm!
This worry grew too big, and cannot stay,
take a deep breath and blow it away!

Diane has really thought of it all and now even has songs and videos. This one is called The Feelings Song

And because she's awesome, Diane even recorded herself reading some of the books out loud to share her message. Find her YouTube page here.

Here are her printables!

March 27 is National Scribble Day! Click this link or the image above for ideas on how to participate!

Just remember like Diane teaches the kids... "In control is how I roll!"

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