Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Science Fair

Our reading story for this week is called The Science Fair.  It's about a student who is very negative about his group's project, especially because his parnter seems to be able to explain things better than he can. It's great to teach scientific terms, but the lesson that the child learns is even better.

We created this anchor chart to show how the main character's feelings changed over time and to summarize the story.

Since my class hasn't taken a turn at displaying our work in the display case, I decided it would be a perfect time to have students complete their own science fair projects! Here are the project requirements (adapted from another source I can't find again!) Click to download the 5 page document.

Here's a header I used for my "Journeys into the Scientific Method" bulletin board...and the Scientific Method rap song!

If your students can't quite understand the scientific method or define what science is about, check out this book:

Check out my Create a Graph post to help you out with graphing data collected during the project.

I'll be posting some of my students' projects here, so check back and see them!

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