Monday, June 13, 2011

Fry Readability

Are you a teacher getting ready to pack up your books for the summer, but wanted to do a little bit of organizing first? Are you a parent trying to pick out summer books for your child but aren't quite sure what's appropriate for your child's current reading level? If so, check out Kathy Schrock's guide at Discovery Education. She explains how Dr. Fry's Readability levels work, how to find a "just right" book, and even gives a link to books, including The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists (I own it, it's a great book) and software called Readability Plus that will help you level your books instead of having to use Dr. Fry's graph for each one. She also links to several school websites where teachers and reading coaches have worked together to provide lists of books and their levels. I also love Dr. Fry's homophones book. I hope this was helpful, enjoy!

Teachers: is your entire library leveled? If so, how do you sort your baskets - by level or topic? How long did it take you to complete?

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