Friday, June 17, 2011

Gifts for Teachers

So it's that time of year when parents are searching for end of the year teacher gifts and looking to get more creative than the old fall backs (baked goods, ornaments, mugs, coffee gift cards). The knicknacks are cute, but after a few years of teaching, there's no room left on the desk, or chalkboard, or shelf... Many teachers are going clutter free, so try something that will be immediately useful, whether for classroom or for personal use. Just remember not to over do it, be creative, be personal (but not too personal), and know that every gift is appreciated.
Remember that every teacher is different, and that you can tell a lot about them by spending a minute or two in their classroom. You can instantly see their color scheme and a few personal touches. Plus, elementary school students remember everything their teacher says / wears / likes and will tell you if you ask. (You'll never see the apple-pencil-school bus-teddy bears theme in my room, I'm a bit more beach + rainbow+ stars +Yankees = dream theme... trust me, it sounds weird but it works!) I'm going to share with you the best gifts I've gotten / would want and break it down by teacher specialization. Note that these ideas may not apply if the stores  are not near where you live and that many ideas can work for any teacher.

All teachers
Elementary teachers (most of whom are happy to accept gifts for the class because they spend so much of their own money)
Science teachers
  • animals like fish, hermit crabs, hamster, etc. (make sure they are welcome and allowed in school and that there are no allergies - not a good gift at the end of the year)
  • plants and gardening supplies
  • gift certificate to a plant nursery
  • membership to planetarium or science museum
  • lab supplies like cotton balls, toothpicks, food coloring, vinegar, baking soda, aluminum foil, balloons, straws, sand, Ziploc bags, etc.             
Drama teachers
  • movie tickets
  • movie bucket (fill with popcorn bags, candy, and movies for school / teacher movies)
    Music teachers
    • theater / Broadway tickets
    • iTunes gift card
    Art teachers
    • art museum membership
    • donation to art foundation
    • art clock
    • art theme music box
    Gym teacher / coach
    • Brita water filter bottle
    • personalized sports t-shirt
    • personalized sporting equipment (like this)
    New teacher (graduation or student teaching gift)
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