Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sight Word and Word Wall Freebies!

Here's something to go with your word walls and word wall folders. This book is called "Wall Words Word Search" by Kathleen Knoblock. It says it's for Grades 1-2, but older children love it too! Click the book for sample pages.

I also loooovveee these sight word books. My students get lots of practice writing and spelling the words and they have fun in the process. I got them at Barnes and Noble, but they are also available online at Amazon too.

More freebies: 
http://www.cherylsigmon.com/pdf/WordShapes.pdf  word shapes for writing word wall words
http://www.cherylsigmon.com/pdf/keyboard-4.pdf  laptop sheet for "typing" word wall words

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  1. I LOVE when I see posts like this! I literally was searching for word searches this morning! ;)

    Miss Kindergarten

  2. I LOOOVVVEE these books, I loaned them out for a bit when I taught basic skills and felt lost without them!