Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's in a name? Freebies and Back To School Sale!

I have a pretty unique name. It doesn't rhyme, but it kind of flows. People love saying it once they can actually pronounce Alysia correctly (Uh-lee-sh-uh Buh-tee-st-uh). I've had kids who couldn't say Alysia Battista call me Pizza Pizza, and some kids I substituted for years ago call me Miss Butt-ista. People I've never met swore they've met me before or "heard of" me because my name "sounds so familiar!" But hey, it's hard to forget a name like mine...except if you're my mother, who has 5 daughters, 2 granddaughters, and a grandson! So I will respond to Amanda-Melissa-Shannon-Jaclyn-Ashlyn-Savannah. I haven't been called Christian  Today is her birthday, so I wanted to say Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!
Anyway, one of the first things kids learn how to say, read, and write is their name. I created these simple pages so that kids can practice writing and recognizing their names or alphabetizing them. I hope these pages are useful! Leave a comment here or on my TPT store (don't forget to become a follower there!) with your email address and I will send you an editable version.

They're free, so while you're downloading them, please rate them and check out my other materials, which are 10% off until September 6 if you use the code B1T1S. Check out my classroom jobs labels / clipchart

and Center Signs


  1. I've been following you here and on TPT for a while. I would love an editable version of your name activities! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Check your email, Kristy! Thanks for following! :)