Monday, October 3, 2011

National Baseball Hall of Fame

I visited the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown this weekend. It was a perfect way to get ready for the postseason (Let's Go Yankees!) and to collect some pictures for our upcoming Journey's reading story, Roberto Clemente, Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  I often use baseball adages with my students, such as the fact that a player who gets 3 hits in every 10 at bats is considered a success! My students have also been blown away by the story of one handed pitcher Jim Abbott and struggle of Jackie Robinson. Here are some notable pictures from my trip:

Doubleday Field, site of the Hall of Fame Game

Built in 1920, and site of the reunion game scene from A League of Their Own

Women's Professional Baseball League uniforms circa World War II - Rockford Peaches!

"Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the earth..." -Lou Gehrig, dying of ALS

The Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig's uniform

Ruth and Gehrig struck out back to back by a 17 year old girl!

Record for most stolen bases in a season, 201, held by a woman.... the bases may have been closer in women's baseball, but she had to hit, run, and slide in a skirt! The closest male player had 138.

 Babe Ruth's plaque in the Hall of Fame

Babe Ruth's locker and uniform

Babe Ruth's bat and ball from "the called shot."

Hank Aaron Homerun Balls

Hank Aaron bats - 600th homerun and 3,000th hit

Old balls from the 1800s - they look like concrete!

Roberto Clemente:
12 time All Star, 12 time Gold Glove Award winner, 4 time batting champion, 2 time World Series Champion, 1961 NL MVP, 1971 World Series MVP

Roberto Clemente statue and picture at the entrance to the Hall

Pirates / Roberto Clemente memorabilia

PNC Park

 Ted Williams memorabilia

Ted Williams' predicted batting average when the ball was pitched in different areas of his strike zone - even ball players use math!

Joe DiMaggio - always give it your best!

Roberto would want you to remember...
...there's no crying in baseball!

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