Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! I really love this holiday because it's the one of the few holidays that people don't give gifts and most people a huge effort to spend it with family.

This morning we made these simple turkeys using Scholastic Book orders (why do they send like 4 of the same catalog?!?) folded accordion style. 

Students just color and cut the turkey out, then staple the legs to the bottom and the hat to the "feathers" and you're done. Use two pages if you want the feathers to be fuller than ours.

We also made these cornucopias. Students wrote what they were thankful for inside, then glued their writing to a piece of paper along with fruits and vegetables they colored and cut out.

A student I tutor also did this in his class...and the first thing he wrote he was thankful for was "Ms. Battista helping me with math" - oh how that warmed my heart!

 I am thankful for my amazing friends, family, and students. Life is great! :)

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  1. Why do they send so many copies of the same book order? Maybe the books could be cheaper if they didn't. Great way to reuse and so cute!
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    2B Honey Bunch



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