Thursday, December 15, 2011

Test Prep Materials

I have finally come across some great NJ ASK test prep materials thanks to the before/after school tutoring program here at our school! There are still 5 months until the test, but you can never start preparing too early! I don't spend time cramming near the end, nor do I make testing a focus. I do, however, want my students to use test taking strategies throughout the year and to feel comfortable when they take the ASK the first time. I'm sure I'll be posting about this again as the test gets sooner, but for now here are some materials you may want to consider purchasing. (Keep in mind that I posted the NJ materials, and most of them also come aligned with other states' standardized tests too!)

Right now, we are using the following products by Triumph Learning:

New Jersey ASK Coach (Language Arts Literacy and Math Level C) for direct instruction

Ladders to Success Level C for math, reading, and language arts skills acquisition

ASK 3 Workout for Math and Reading review and extra practice

In the past, I have used Qworkbooks Explore series for language arts literacy and math.

Just a disclaimer: we have now moved to common core standards, so there may be some changes coming to the NJ ASK...but since we did not receive Race to the Top funds, who knows?!

Click here to download NJ ASK released test samples!

Do you have any materials or questions about the NJ ASK?

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