Saturday, December 10, 2011

Young Thomas Edison

Next week's Journeys reading story is called Young Thomas Edison. My students were super excited to hear this because they live in the town of Edison, NJ, which was renamed for him in 1954! The village of Menlo Park, where Thomas Edison created one of his most important laboratories, is part of the township of Edison.
The story is very inspirational to young students because, as Amazon puts it, "Michael Dooling explores the origins of Edison’s scientific genius: his interest in mixing chemicals – sometimes with explosive results – his diligence in his work as a paperboy, and his difficulty paying attention in school." Every kid can relate to having trouble in school at some point, so it is easy for them to make a connection and feel inspired!

Just a couple of important facts:

Check out a timeline of Edison's life. Download questions about it here.

Play Online Games here.

Visit the website for Thomas Edison National Historical Park in West Orange, NJ. You can book a field trip there, and children under 16 are free!!!

Those close to NJ may also like to visit Locust Grove Mansion, the Pennsylvania home and workplace to Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph.

Some great books to pair this story with are:

Thomas Alva Edison by Tamera Bryant

Thomas Edison: They Called Him Wizard by John T. Cunningham
For more Young Thomas Edison activities, visit my class website.

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