Tuesday, January 10, 2012

African American Athletes

Our Journeys Reading story for Lesson 11, Jump, required us to write a descriptive paragraph about our favorite athlete. I challenged students to write about an African American athlete for a few reasons. 1) The teacher-dork in me loves alliterative bulletin boards...have you noticed? 2) It will be perfect for our February bulletin boards. 3) February is Black History Month. 4) Michael Jordan is an black athlete, as well as Tiger Woods, Hank Aaron, Wilma Rudolph, Jackie Robinson, and Roberto Clemente - who were all in our guided reading books or Projectables.

Other black athletes we didn't read about but knew about:

  • Lebron James (basketball)
  • Muhammad Ali (boxing)
  • Leila Ali (boxing)
  • Dwayne Wade (basketball)
  • Venus and Serena Williams (tennis)
  • Dominique Dawes (gymnastics)
  • Derek Jeter (baseball)
  • Alex Rodriguez (baseball)
  • Pele (soccer)
  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee (track and field)
  • Florence Griffith-Joyner (track and field)
  • Althea Gibson (tennis)
  • Lisa Leslie (basketball)
  • Sheryl Swoopes (basketball)
Of course, I also allowed them to write about other athletes, especially ones such as Michele Kwan, Jim Thorpe, Babe Ruth, Mia Hamm, and Nomar Garciaparra who were also in our reading.

We created this anchor chart to show what we learned when we analyze the author's craft in Jump.

One of my students found this book in our library:

If you'd like to do the project but don't have our reading program, check out these links!

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