Monday, January 30, 2012

Smashing Success!

(Here is part 2 of our science fair. Click here to see the first part!) Students learned valuable job skills, such as introducing oneself and shaking hands with an adult, answering questions, and making eye contact.

How does acidity affect the shell of an egg?
Result: The egg shell disintegrated faster in more acidic liquids.

How will the size of a paper airplane affect the distance it flies?
Result: The larger the plane, the more surface area it had; therefore, her results were that a smaller plane did not fly as far as a larger plane.

How can an object be made to float in water?
Result: adding a certain amount of salt per mL of water will help many objects float (but not all!)

Can plants grow without all of their needs being met?
Result: plants can grow for a short time without having soil or direct light, but they cannot grow without water!

How does shape and size of a boat affect its ability to float and move?
Result: a boat with pointed ends and a deep hull moved faster and farther than round and shallow boats; because there were too many variables, the results were not reliable.

We really enjoyed creating our projects, and we hope you did too!

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