Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yonder Mountain: A Cherokee Legend

This week's story is a Native American Legend.
My students were super excited to know that I have ancestors of Cherokee heritage. In fact, the town of Bono, Ohio is named after them! I had heard something about it as a child, but it wasn't until did a Google News Archive Search of the Toledo Blade (where most of my mother's extended family still lives) that I found more information.

Here is a very small part of my family tree:

Francis Bunno (Cherokee Chief)

His son's obituary:

Here are the articles I found: 

Cherokee People video

Cherokee Indian Powwow

Native American Indian Cherokee War Dance

Here is a video made by a modern Cherokee Indian in Ohio. Notice how "Americanized" they look.

New Jersey was once home to the Lenni Lenape tribe. On special days, Waterloo Village is open to the public for field trips. Get more information here.

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