Friday, February 10, 2012

We love multiplication and division!

We made some neat multiplication arrays using candy hearts. It took 2 eight ounce bags to make 22 of them. To make it fair, I pulled flashcards to tell each student what array to make. This can also be a great division activity if you tell them how many rows they need to divide their hearts into. They can easily find the remainder!

Just arrange them into arrays, glue, color, and write your number sentence!
We have also been using fact family triangles to make the connection to division. Students wrote the fact families from the front and back of their cards on dry erase boards, then switched with other classmates in their groups.


We also used various manipulatives and divided them into equal groups to solve word problems. Whatever was left over was our remainders. It was a great way to understand the vocabulary words divisible and remainder!

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