Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lucky Limericks

We continue to lag slightly behind in St. Patrick's Day celebration! I am finally posting pictures of the fire department's pipes and drums visit last week. You can see pictures of our party here.

We are working on poem prompts and getting ready for the NJ ASK (our standardized tests for grades 3-8), so we had a little fun writing our own limericks. First we read some limericks and counted syllables in each line, plus analyzed their rhyme schemes. A limerick follows AABBA format.

I made this page for my Promethean flipchart:

Then students picked a topic and took a shot at it. I had them put a dot over each word when counting the number of syllables in each line. Then they wrote the number at the end so I could check it. Some were pretty silly or just plain made up! (We know the moon doesn't give off light!)

I find these and haikus to be the easiest poems to write because they have an easy rhythm...if students 
pick words that are easy to rhyme! I got these Webster's Rhyming Dictionaries in the Target Dollar Spot this summer!

Kids cut and glued these pieces (from March 2006's Teacher's Helper) to construction paper.

If you can't find one, try an online Rhyming Dictionary like Rhyme Zone.

 If you want to try this, but need more structure for your kids, head over to Fourth Grade Freebies from the High-Tech Teacher to download her limerick poem template!

Do you have any favorite poetry resources?


  1. What great thing your writting and drawing is amazing whoooo!!! - Dakota

  2. Where can I get my hands on that template with the pot pattern and the leprechaun topper?