Friday, April 27, 2012

Meeting Patricia Polacco!!!

Today, Patricia Polacco visited our school! She has been going to schools in New Jersey for several days and got laryngitis three days ago, but she was still a great sport.

She told us how she comes up with her illustrations...

and even brought her Keeping Quilt! This one is actually a replica created to replace her 130 year old family heirloom, which is not displayed at a museum in Finlay, Ohio.

She told us about her uses of the quilt as a child, including one not mentioned in the book....she used it as a Superman cape!

She said that when she misses a family member, all she has to do is touch parts of the quilt (such as the edge, which was made from her Babushka's scarf) or read a book she has written about them...and they come alive again!

To see what we did to prepare for her visit and read other Polacco posts, click here. If you've never read her books or met her, you can watch this video, where she explains how she became an author and illustrator.

Click here for more Patricia Polacco videos on her website.


  1. Oh...I love Patricia Polacco!! I bet that was so much fun getting to hear her speak! :)

  2. Patricia is wonderful. She grew up in the same county that I live in and quite often writes about Union City, Michigan in her stories. She really captures their attention when she talks. Her stories are so alive and real and meaningful. I'm glad that you liked her.

    Second In Line

  3. What a wonderful experience for your students!!

  4. Thanks for sharing in with our excitement. I'm writing the press release for our newspaper and I'll post it when it's done. She is very quotable! And Donna, I am soooo excited!



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