Friday, August 22, 2014

Words their Way

As I was getting ready for the upcoming school year and looking for videos to show my student teacher how Words Their Way works, I came across this:

Now I'm not a fan of sitting there and highlighting every single letter that a student got correct - it's a waste of time when you've got 25 to correct. I typically circle or highlight what they got wrong instead to save ink and my sanity. Plus, I often have a wide range of spellers and need to use at least 2-3 of the inventories throughout each of the 3 benchmark assessments we give during the year. That's why I like this product. It pretty much does it for you once you enter the words as your students spelled them. Check it out!

If you aren't familiar with Words Their Way and want to see what it's all about so you can challenge your kids and differentiate their spelling, head over to the videos on my class website!

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