Monday, February 25, 2019

Reading-Rewards reading log

Do you struggle with getting your students to read? Or do they read, but not log their reading? Do their reading logs never get signed or mysteriously vanish? Do your students magically need to run to the bathroom when you try to check their reading logs? I have the solution for you-Reading-Rewards!
Here is a video I created to teach students how to log their reading.

Students are really motivated for a few reasons. 

1. They can choose and change their avatar.
2. They earn badges and RR miles.
3. It is a social thing. Others can see what they are logging, or not logging.
4. Because they can see what other classmates are reading, they often want to read those books, too.
5. They know they are going to be held accountable. Believe it or not, they like this in fourth grade.

Check out some of my (free) rewards they can choose from. This year, they are all about sitting with a friend and reading to another teacher's class. Previous classes really loved to sit at the teacher's desk, have lunch with the teacher, and to be teacher for a day.

Here is a rubric I created. Students get a monthly reading homework grade. I actually give students a copy of the school calendar and have them color in the days they logged. Then they look at their online log to give themselves a grade. They also keep a copy of the rubric stapled into their homework folder.

What do you think? Are you willing to try it out with your class? 
Do you already use Reading-Rewards or do you have another system?

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