Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shopping Surprises and a 1,000 view / 25 follower giveaway!

This past week I spent a few hours (and a few hundred dollars) shopping. I found some real bargains and some really neat products. Here's what they were, where I bought them, and what they cost:
Amazing Savings (only in NY and NJ, I LOVE this place!)
  • Word Master game (magnetic letter tiles to improve spelling and vocabulary list price $9.95 $2.99
  • Granny Apples (quick counting apple dice game) $9.99 $2.99 
  • Grafix My First 3D Spelling Puzzle $3.99
  • On the Dot brain teaser game (good for flips and turns) $3.99
  • Uno with Angelina Ballerina ($2.99) and Winnie the Pooh ($2.99) - those you could probably get at a dollar store
  • Be Rhymed! $3.99
  • Art Skills adhesive quick numbers $1.99 - I think I might have the kids use these to sequence events
  • Creative Hands Puzzle Alphabet Stickers $1.29
  • Newton's Apples Gravity Strategy Game $6.99
  • My First Word Match Puzzle $3.99
  • Fundomino (color / number matching) $6.99
  • Wood Clock Puzzle $4.99
  • Lost in the Zoo game with Under the Sea Hide and Seek $4.99
  • Full Time Deluxe Double Easel Desktop $10.99 (magnetic dry erase / chalk board - perfect for guided reading table)
  • Shoe lacing puzzles $3.99
  • Compo Combo-an-animal (match the head and tail and it makes a sound) $5.99
  • Chipboard ringed notebooks $1.99 - I have 2 which are used as bathroom trackers - one for boys / one for girls - they flip the notebook pages on the hook by the door to show their name so we know who is out of the room

Target dollar bin (everything $1.00)
  • Hawaiian flower and surfboard coarkboards (I'm thinking I'll do a beach/ocean theme next year)
  • Pocket Chart Schedulers (for centers)
  • Dry erase Class Scheduler
  • Daily Weather Chart Spinner
  • Dry erase learning mats - addition and time
  • Dr. Suess book bags
  • Crazy hats (for Dr. Seuss' birthday of course!)
  • Classroom signs
  • Pencil and star pointers (I think we'll use the pencils for skywriting and stars for sparkle spelling)
  • Some A+ workbooks for Social Studies, Science, and Phonics
Party City (they had a summer sale with some items being only $1)
  • Paper lanterns
  • Imprintable Papers
  • Plates (to use as picture frames)
  • Tablecloths (to use as bulletin board background paper)
I haven't been to Walmart, Michael's, Staples, or Five Below yet....that's for another blog and for when I get my 25th follower!

Here's what you need to do to win everything in my TPT store plus On the Dot, Art Skills Adhesive Numbers, 2 chipboard ringed notebooks, and a special surprise
1. Follow my blog.*
2. Add me to your blog roll.*
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6. Blog about my giveaway.  - 2 entries
*Must be done in order to win
You will receive 1 entry for each and the winner will be randomly selected on June 30 at midnight. Good luck!


  1. I follow your blog! I'd love to win!


  2. Great stuff, Alysia! I've got to check out Target this week. :)

  3. I follow your blog.


  4. I added you to my blog roll.


  5. I follow you! I will link this on my facebook- i hope it helps!! =)

  6. You must have had fun shopping! I have to force myself to stay away from the $1 bins, atleast when my husband is around!
    I follow your blog! And I added you to my list! Going to FB next!
    I'd love it if you follow me too!

  7. Wow! Those are some amazing sales! That's dangerous ground for me . . . I want to go but must stay away!!!!

  8. I was just telling my sister that I can't wait for the back to school sales to being! So cheesy, but I love the new crayon smell!

  9. What a great giveaway! I'm following your steps, and hope you keep pulling in followers! :-) I'd love to win!!

  10. I follow your blog! But, I do not have my own (yet-summer project)! Thanks:) Great stuff!

  11. I follow your blog! Great colors and ideas! I do not have my own blog (yet!--it's a summer project). When I do, I will add you to the blog roll.

  12. I am having some trouble with my google account...ahh! So I may have sent you 2 posts. But, I now follow you on FB, TpT store, and I will get email updates (YAY!). THanks for your inspiring ideas:)

  13. I follow your blog!

    kellybrown28021 at gmail dot com

  14. I follow your blog via email!

    kellybrown28021 at gmail dot com

  15. I follow your TpT store!

    kellybrown28021 at gmail dot com

  16. I follow you on facebook!

    kellybrown28021 at gmail dot com

  17. I love your blog! I have a bee theme too in my classroom! I would love to chat about some of the things we do and maybe we could get some more ideas! Thanks!

    kellybrown28021 at gmail dot com

  18. I follow your blog. Aren't shopping deals fantastic!?!
    Runde's Room

  19. I the cheery follower of your blog! :)

    Miss Kindergarten

  20. I got a weird message about following you on Facebook, is it safe?

  21. I also follow you on email! Do I get bonus points for going to your website? JK...back to school shopping gets me in trouble every year...

  22. HOLY cow what an awesome giveaway!! :)I'm a new blog follower!!
    survivingateacherssalary at

  23. Sent a friend request on FB!!
    Using anony. since google is acting funny!
    survivingateacherssalary at

  24. Yes, Jennifer, you get bonus points for going to my website. It's a work in progress compared to my blog! I'm not sure what message you got from facebook but I accepted your friend request. I am working on turning it into a "product" page instead of "personal."

  25. Hi! I added you to my blog roll! :)



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