Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dolch Sight Words Pack

Here are some previews of my 49-page Dolch Sight Words PackThe pack includes PreK-3 Dolch sight word lists in "bubble lettering" to be used for a word wall, as rainbow words, for ABC order, or as flashcards. Also included are assessment sheets, suggestions for word ladders, and links to resources for sight words. 
I like the idea of adding 5-6 sight words a week to spelling lists. Older children can be asked to write their own story using all of the words either on a test, at a center, or for homework. Speaking of that...have you checked out Spelling City yet?! It allows students to create flashcards, take a test, and play games with their words! Teachers can load their lists and create a class page for students to visit!
Another game I found is from Starfall. I love this site because it's so kid friendly and it talks to them. Another game you can play outside is Sight Word Island Hopping. It's neat because all it takes is some chalk and pavement to play! You can also create construction paper islands for indoors.

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