Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY supply tower and magnetic circle boards

 I was inspired by Pinterest (follow me here or ask me for an invite!) and Freecycle to create a supply tower and magnetic circle cost = $0!

Here's what I used for the supply tower (took about 15 minutes to make):
I had: 3 pieces of scrapbook paper, glue gun, scissors, 2 toilet paper rolls, and I got 3 tins (same color, different sizes - from Freecycle)

First, trace around each tin.

Cut out each circle.

I used hot glue to attach the paper to the bottom. It dried a bit faster than I liked and left the paper raised in some parts. I'd suggest spray adhesive or contact paper instead next time.
I used clear sealer so that my supplies wouldn't make marks on the paper. 

Again, next time I might use contact paper or I'd spray the paper before gluing it down.
Here's how it looks before the adhesive dried. You can see how it made the paper bubble a bit. I suggest using dark paper.

  I glued a toilet paper roll to the middle tin. This angle makes them look crooked, but they aren't!
 I glued the top tin on and added a bow!
 Top view
 So many uses...

School supplies!

Here are the supplies needed to create magnetic circle boards:
The lid tops and scrap paper from the previous project, scissors, glue gun, ribbon

 Trace the lids on your remaining scrap paper. If you are careful, you should have enough to cover most of each lid.
Glue paper to lid tops; don't worry if small parts aren't covered, you'll see what I do to fix that later...
I used spray gloss again to seal the paper.

I glued ribbon to the piece of lid that was not covered by paper and then curled it.
 I glued ribbon on to the back so I could hang them.
TADA! They are cute and magnetic! 

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