Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random finds

It's been said that teachers can make something out of anything...and that we can be hoarders! I've found some random but pretty awesome stuff this summer. I've found that taking pictures and pinning them to Pinterest makes me feel better about not buying them! So here ya go...

Dr. Suess section at Michael's

USB men and flexible keyboards and calculators at BBB...indestructible!

 Soda bottle bubbles at Amazing Savings...I'm envisioning a game!

Foam animal hats at Michael's

 Alien hats and spaceman vest, helmet, and boots at Target

Magnetic dry erase wall dots, dry erase list board, pencil cup at Walmart

Double sided dry erase board, print and cursive wipe off boards, and crayons at Walmart

Microphone pencil pouch at Walmart...perfect for Reader's Theater or Author's Chair

Surfboard dry erase board at Walmart

Animal headbands at Michael's

Bee and frog buckets and snack cups at Walmart - the top of the snack cup has flap like things so you can just push crayons inside and not worry about them spilling if it gets knocked over!

Magnetic holder and binder dividers from Walmart - holder is perfect for students to put notes in during the morning and I can move it to the door frame before dismissal! Dividers have Box Tops!

Zebra dry erase board at Michael's

Binder with accordion folders and tabs at Walmart! 

Adorable turtle kids gardening bag at Bed Bath and Beyond

Easy way to find play food...use dog toys from Dollar Tree! 

Crayon thermoses at Dollar Tree...great for crayon storage, duh!

Love this poster from Staples!

Fruit and vegetable magnets at Dollar Tree

24 badge holders for $1 at Dollar Tree

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