Sunday, October 30, 2011

Candy Craziness

Have you ever noticed that kids also act out a lot right around the holidays? Can't blame it on the full moon this year, gotta blame it on the candy... I was ready to pull my hair out on Friday, but really tried to keep my cool. Here's how most of my day went:

Student: "Miss Battista!!! I need help!"  
Me: "Please sit down and raise your hand. But first, did you ask three before me? Do you really need to ask that question? Look around at what your classmates have on their desk. Look at the board. You can find out what you're supposed to be doing without even talking. DID YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS?!?"
Student: "No...."
Me: "Which question did you answer?"
Student: "None, I didn't know what I was supposed to do."
Me: "I meant which question of mine did you answer? Did you ask three people....oh forget it!"

(Random wrong answer shouted out)

Student: "Can I go to the bathroom?!"  
Me: "Is it an emergency? I'm teaching, you know the rule..." OR "You don't have to ask me, I'm not teaching. If there isn't another boy / girl out, please sign out and go!" OR "How many times have you gone today? We've been learning about cause and effect, what did I say? BECAUSE you were at the closet chugging your water five times this morning, THE EFFECT was you'd have to go to the bathroom again!"

(Random wrong answer shouted out)

Me: "Excuse me, girls! What is the whispering about? Please stop talking. It's distracting others."
Student: "BUT... she was talking to me FIRST!"

Me: "Please put that note on my desk. This is your last warning!" (Oh Ron Clark, why weren't you sitting on my shoulder reminding me to stop giving warnings?!)

I printed out this sign and kept pointing to it ALL DAY long.

I wasn't mean at all, and I never raised my voice, but I sure felt like a wicked witch. I even cackled like one. The kids just laughed. I'm thinking I might come in to school dressed as Miss Nelson's replacement Miss Viola Swamp ALL DAY for Halloween. I don't even want to know the next week will be like with all of the chocolate and candy floating around. I'm going to make it very clear that if I see a piece of candy, I get to eat it!!!


  1. I'm totally with you. And on top of it, I am assessing and have conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. I mean who thinks conferences two days after Halloween are a good idea. Does anyone think I'll have anything positive to say about their kids by that point. Puh-lease!

    2B Honey Bunch

  2. I totally agree - my Friday was made worse by a mom showing up unexpectedly with Halloween cupcakes! So not in my plan to get them sugared up with 2 more hours of school to go!

    I just gave you the Blog on Fire award! Come by and check it out!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten



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