Friday, November 4, 2011

Spooky Stories

Brought to you by Miss Viola Swamp...

....would you believe my lunch aide didn't even recognize me on Halloween? She thought I looked was a teenager from the high school! The kids got a kick out of my costume, especially because I read Miss Nelson is Missing in the morning and came back to class after lunch totally in character. They were partly scared by their mean "substitute teacher," partly freaked out, partly confused, and totally amused. I think some of them started to forget it was me. 

The Friday before Halloween, I read Miss Smith and the Haunted Library and we created this story elements anchor chart.

We did some fun writing activities (as you can see on the Promethean Board in the background), including SAID is dead! 

It taught them all about story elements and word choice using a Halloween theme. You can buy the resource pack here.

Students loved listening to each other's spooky stories!

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  1. Oh, what a cute little witch!

    Thanks for your experience, Miss Viola Swamp! :)



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