Thursday, December 22, 2011

All Aboard the Polar Express!

My goal for the last day before winter break (which starts on Friday - the first year it isn't a half day):

My students have been really great, so we're going to spend the afternoon watching The Polar Express. I decided against having them wear pajamas (since we're an intermediate school), but I am allowing them to change into bring a stuffed animal and wear slippers and a bathrobe on top of their clothes.

 I read them the book today, so we'll compare it to the movie tomorrow using a graphic organizer from this packet.

However, they have to earn their ticket in the morning to see it after lunch.

I plan on doing this to the floor with simple black electrical tape and brown packing tape:

I pinned this from Room Mom 101...our snack is going to be rice krispie coal!

And my gift to them will be a bell!

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