Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crazy about Coordinates!

To learn about ordered pairs, we created coordinate grid pictures. It's hard to see here because my points are yellow and on the Promethean board, but you should be able to tell I created a house.

My students were given two templates, one for creating their own picture and another to list the coordinates on for their partner to use.  The difference between that and their model was I used a map-like grid (with letters and numbers instead of just numbers) for this activity to cut down on confusion about the order of the points. My smarties noticed that this grid didn't start with 0 like the ones we usually use in math!

Then they had to switch papers with their partner and see if they drew the same picture!

Use this free worksheet maker to create your own and differentiate for your students!

I especially love how you can make hidden messages! 

free graphing paper

free 4 quadrant graphing paper

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