Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Super Goals and Souper Bowls!

Fresh off a NY Giants NFC East Championship this weekend, I decided to put a fun twist on my New Years bulletin boards. The theme was "Super Goals and Souper Bowls!" I did something similar around the time of the World Cup with soccer balls, so I thought football was only natural with the Super Bowl coming up! We've also been working on homophones, homonyms, and puns, so the kids got a kick out of the idea! (Haha...couldn't help myself!)

The background was created with green bulletin board paper, paper plates, napkins, a yardstick, and white chalk. It's so long I had to take 2 pictures (but it's really one piece of paper). I added the lines and stapled the paper to my bulletin boards after this picture was taken. We used some football-related clipart to write our academic or personal goals!

works in progress (I drew writing lines on them before photocopying)

Right after we did this, I found a great free graphic organizer that would have helped tons.

We used AlphaBits cereal and plastic spoons glued to paper bowls to spell out our goals.

Recipe for a fun: Alpha-Bits cereal (locate them near you here), Styrafoam bowls, plastic spoons, hot glue gun to glue plastic spoon to bowl, and paste to glue down cereal (It's hard to see with white bowls, but it looks like real milk, and some cereal bits even look wet!)

 Picking out the letters is tough work because it doesn't appear that the box contains all 26! Tips from our class: turn a Z sideways for an N and backwards for a funky S. Bite the rounded part of a B off for an E and then turn it upside down for an M and right side up for a W. Break parts off of an L to make a T or and I. Find a slightly misshapen X to use as a K. Break off part of an O to make a C.

After some bowls were decorated with marker...the letters are cut out and ready for the bulletin board!

 Practice basketball...think he was inspired by this week's Journeys story Jump?

Learn to swim

Hit a baseball...he was inspired by the Roberto Clemente story!

Learn ballet

And of course, some academic goals!

I think if our behavior is good for the rest of the month, we might just have an in-school Super Bowl party. I found some cute (and not so healthy, but's one day a year) food ideas on Pinterest

Hopefully I'll be wearing this jersey on the big day, rooting on my G-men:

I also found these super cute football leg warmers to wear!

Update: The Giants DID WIN THE SUPERBOWL! In celebration, I have uploaded a free football flipchart! It includes a football words word wall and speculative writing prompt! :)



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