Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Albertosaurus Mystery

If you have a spare hour, this video on the Badlands talks about why this area was so instrumental in preserving fossils.

If you don't have that long, check out the Badlands National Park website
It has some great Badlands videos to watch. Be sure to download the 3-5 Activity guide!

A great book to pair this with is The Night at the Museum by Milan Trenc.

Of course, you can also see the movie based on this book, A Night at the Museum.

Here's the trailer for the movie.

Want to know where you can see real dinosaur skeletons?

Visit the American Museum of Natural History in New York City! It has 2 permanent fossil halls on display. 

You can also participate in A Night at the Museum Sleepover! It's not cheap but it's a once in a lifetime experience kids will never forget!

Imagine sleeping under a whale!

....or in Middletown, New Jersey at Poricy Park!

Or if you don't live anywhere near these, click out this map

Check out my other dinosaur / fossil post "We Dig Dinosaurs" to see what I did with my science classes last year! It also lists sites where you can get more information and participate in virtual digs!

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