Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trail of Tears and Oregon Trail

We have been learning about immigration and colonization in social studies. Our reading story from two weeks ago, Yonder Mountain: A Cherokee Legend really helped set the tone as we learned about how immigrant settlers from other countries decided to take Native American land in the west and midwest, eventually sending them on the Trail of Tears.

We then refocused on settlement and emigration to the West. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to introduce my students to Oregon Trail, a game I loved as a child. (I mean, really who didn't?) Play the original game for free here or buy from Scholastic for $12.00 here.

I found some great books on the topic and hope to receive them soon! I especially like Joshua's diaries because it makes it easier for boys to get excited about reading.

To learn about traveling Trail of Tears National Historic Trail, click here.

Click here or here to read more about the Trail of Tears.

Click here to read more about the Oregon Trail.
Check out my next post on The California Gold Rush!

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  1. I love teaching Westward movement with my thirdsters! Joshua's story is a great book and we have fun with an interactive- Oregon trail type project! I am glad I found your blog- I'm your newest follower!



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