Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two Bad Ants

This week's reading story is Two Bad Ants by Chris VanAllsburg. He also wrote and illustrated (The Polar Express and Jumanji.) It's perfect because it's almost picnic time! It's a neat story because it's written from the perspective of the ants and it requires students to use picture clues and descriptions in the text to make inferences about what is happening to the ants. For example, they mention being on some round, brown thing (a bagel) and suddenly being put into something with a red, glowing heat (toaster). The kids really got a kick out of it!

The ants in this story aren't fire ants, but I pinned the most adorable idea from the Pinterest Board of Hope King (at Shenanigans in Second). I can't wait to do my April bulletin board now! If I could find the original post, I'd share it. For now, click the picture to go to the pin.

My kids told me they made a connection to the movies Antz,  The Ant Bully, and A Bug's Life. I wouldn't know because I've never any of them!


Here are the trailers:

A Bug's Life

It kind of makes me think of Honey I Shrunk the Kids! Remember the scene where the kids ride the fire ants? You can actually watch the whole movie for free here!


  1. Love Chris VanAllsburg and I even got to meet him once!


  2. I have seen all those movies. :) Bug's Life is my favorite and worth watching. The characters are a ton of fun. The Ant Bully was interesting and taught a good lesson. Honey I Shrunk the Kids is a classic. And honestly you aren't missing that much in Antz. Looks like a cute book. I will have to check it out next time I am at the library.
    Life with Mrs. L



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