Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gaga for Games

Have you ever played Gaga at summer camp? My students and campers at Stonybrook Day Camp loooovvveee when we play games. It doesn't matter if they are athletic, computer, or board games, they love to play anything and everything! These games are great for recess, camp, time on a bus or in the car, or during Morning Meeting at school. I also have used some of these with the girls on the soccer team I coached - and they were teenagers!
One of my favorites is Jedi Mind Numbers. On a hot day such as today, students practice patience, teamwork, and counting as they attempt to count to a defined number (usually 10). The catch is that all eyes have to be closed and only one person can say the number at a time. You'd be surprised how much of a challenge is, and how busy it keeps them when the classroom, car, or bus are too hot for movement! Also check out these Rainy Day / Indoor Game videos on how to keep busy!

EveryDay Math incorporates tons of games into its lessons, which can be photocopied or played online during a Game Center literacy station. Spelling and vocabulary words can be turned into word searches and puzzles (Shrock Guide), flashcards (Spelling City), or games either by students or me. My students also love Sparkle, which can also be played in a car or on a bus. The Guess Who board game or question game (see video below) are also great.

Check these sites out... you (or your children, depending on computer access and ability) can create your own Jeopardy games, Who Wants to be A Millionaire, Big Wheel, etc.

Click the Game Board to Play Interactive Boggle

Click the Game Board to Play Scrabble


  1. you are the best science teacher in the world!!!

    natalie klein
    4th grade
    riverside elementry

  2. Thank you Natalie! Please make sure you visit the site with your parents' permission and never use your last name or tell people where you go to school!