Friday, May 8, 2020

Food Fun

Some people have asked how we get Austin to eat so well. 
1)) I’m no expert - it’s a *big* part luck!
2) We don’t force him to eat anything.
3) We don’t prioritize certain foods over others (like veggies over dessert) and sometimes put them all on a plate at once. 
4) You have to recognize that sometimes you’re more hungry than others and the same goes for kids. 
5) They also have preferences that may be different than ours. 
6) I do sometimes use strategies likeL
  • offering choices of plates and utensils (especially offering a “big” spoon or fork when he gets tired)
  • adding toppings or dressings
  • playing music that does or doesn’t correspond to what he’s eating
  • sometimes reading a story or looking at his ABC book when he’s eating.
7) We don’t watch TV during meals because he can’t concentrate.
8) There are definitely times when I pick my battles and sometimes feed him because my priority is for him to eat and feeding himself is secondary if he’s too tired to eat it and too hungry to fall asleep. 
No photo description available.Anyway, here is my food playlist. He instantly perks up about eating when the songs play!Image may contain: 1 person

We have a few food-related videos that are favorites. Check them out below.
The Lunch Box Song

Yes, Yes Vegetables Song

Breakfast Song

F is for Food song

Here are some products that make food time just a bit more fun:

KidsFunwares Robot Me Time Meal Set with Portion Control Divided Plate, and Fork and Spoon

Check out some of these other fun food plates from the same company.

Dog Food book (they make dogs out of fruits and veggies)

As you can see, they got very creative with the photos. Dog Food (New York Times Best Illustrated Books ...

You should also check out Play With Your Food.
Play With Your Food

Another book by the same authors is called Food with Moods.
Foods With Moods by Saxton Freymann;Joost Elffers - Board Book ...

If you're looking for some food related printables to help kids with communication, reading, spelling, or writing, see here.

What are your struggles and successes with getting kids to eat and try new foods?

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