Monday, May 18, 2020

Hands-on Reading Projects

Looking for some hands-on reading projects for intermediate, middle, and high school grades? These engaging ideas include templates, examples, and explanations for students to show what they know. They can all be done on paper or digitally!

Projects include:



-Character Interview

-Scrapbook page

-Movie poster


-Yearbook page

-Timeline / Plot diagram

-Diary entry

-Travel map

-Song Scenes

-Foldable book

-Pop-up book

-Cell phone dialogue



Students can be given the ability to choose between 16 projects or all students can complete the same project with different books. This Google Slide presentation includes links to Google Docs templates that students can use to complete projects as well as links to other websites where projects can be completed digitally. Rubrics are also included for some projects.

Download these projects here.

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